Our Biodiversity Capabilities

With a dedicated team of over 200 ecology consultants worldwide, RPS has established itself as a market leader in biodiversity consultancy based on our expertise and global project experience. RPS advises many clients on developing with the environment, advising them on positive measures to promote or protect existing biodiversity or on how to mitigate the unavoidable negative impacts of proposed developments.

RPS' global expertise in oceanography, meteorology, marine ecology, marine pollutant risk and dispersive modelling, oil spill management and emergency planning consultancy services have all played a role in the monitoring and protection of endangered marine mammals, birds and other species and of the habitats in which they still survive.


What We Do As a Company

In November 2012, RPS ecologists working alongside TREE AID conducted a biodiversity baseline study in Bongo District and later produced a detailed Biodiversity Report of their findings, conclusions and recommendations as part of Year One of the five year ‘Bongo River Trees Restoration’ project in Upper East Ghana.

In 2015, RPS donated £104,290 as Year Four funding for TREE AID’s ‘Bongo River Trees Restoration’ project in Upper East Ghana.In 2015 RPS also provided the Bongo project with £18,000 worth of technical consultancy and engineering support (as a gift in kind to TREE AID Ghana). This included a site surveys and dams design report and construction supervision in the field for the Boko, Amanga and Ayopea weirs completed by June 2015.

The Atampisi dam, west of Bongo town was constructed with local community artisans and volunteers between February and March 2016 with both funding and construction supervision for this coming entirely from RPS. Restoring and protecting the biodiversity of the riparian corridors in Bongo will be greatly assisted by this water management structure without which it is just not possible to water the 16 native species of tree seedling or the hedge, shrub and vetiver grass plantations right through the dry season until they become fully established.

UK Ecological Support

Many of RPS' ecologists volunteer their expertise for the benefit of local wildlife and woodland trusts or to ornithology, herpetology or native mammal monitoring survey initiatives in the UK and overseas. During 2015, RPS staff logged 522 hours worth of pro bona survey work for biodiversity related charities.