Anglian Water

Integrated urban drainage water recycling catchment modelling and associated survey services

As an “industry first,” RPS are providing a truly integrated water recycling / wastewater network modelling and surveying service. As a sole supplier to Anglian Water we will deliver all aspects of this Framework using our in-house teams.

The structure of this long-term framework has enabled us to deliver the outputs with reduced management input from the client. Our modelling and survey teams have collaborated closely over survey programming, detailed planning and data management to deliver Anglian Water an efficient and effective one-stop solution.

Traditionally urban drainage modelling projects have been undertaken at a catchment level with defined roles and responsibilities between client, consultant and survey contractors. In addition much of the valuable data collected and stored within hydraulic models is not always shared with the wider business. In order to provide increased efficiency and value within urban drainage delivery, we are changing our culture and approach to delivery and stakeholder engagement.

In AMP6 Anglian Water has adopted a very forward looking approach for their urban drainage modelling programme. The key objectives of the programme are to:

Develop 100% coverage for Urban Drainage Models, to include all surface water sewers.

Leave a legacy of tools and robustness of processes and procedures.

Deliver models to an appropriate level of confidence.

Embody and employ the principle of “One Version of the Truth”.

Work collaboratively with all to achieve model build programme and individual business unit needs.

Ensure best value for the business and outperform working collaboratively with all partners and within the business.

The surveying aspect of the project will see RPS install 5,000 flow monitors, and carry out surveys of over 40,000 manholes and 5,000 assets during AMP6.