Belfast Waterfront Hall

Belfast Waterfront Hall, commissioned by Belfast City Council, provides a prestigious civic complex to complement the existing City Hall. The brief called for a 2,250 seat auditorium and a 500 seat Minor Hall, designed to operate either separately or concurrently.

The completed hall occupies a prominent riverfront location and is designed for a wide spectrum of usage catering for concerts, theatre productions, conferences, and exhibitions. The main auditorium required a world class acoustic despite the differing acoustic requirements for the various uses.

The architecture needed to reflect traditional Belfast but had to portray civic qualities and also a ‘high-tech’ image with which to step into the new millennium.

In engineering terms, the Waterfront Hall is a complex building with extensive basement areas and a unique steel domed roof structure to the main auditorium. Its location under the City Airport flight path and the need to provide an extensive theatre fly-grid imposed significant design restraints on the design of the roof structure for the main hall.

The design of the Belfast Waterfront Hall has received a number of national and international awards and has become a potent symbol of the city’s cultural and economic regeneration.


FIP Award for Outstanding Structures

Civic Trust Award (1998)

Concrete Society Award (1997)

Institution of Structural Engineers Special Awards - Commendation (1997).

RSUA Design Awards Tourism & Recreation