RPS has provided lead EIA services, including project management, consenting and technical services, throughout the pre-application and examination phases of all three projects in the former Hornsea Zone.

We are currently undertaking the EIA for the Hornsea Project Three offshore wind farm; following our proven track record with both the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm (a 1.2 GW project consented in December 2014) and Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm (a 1.8 GW project consented in August 2016).

Hornsea Project Three is globally the largest offshore wind farm proposed to date, with the potential to generate up to 2.4 GW of electricity and covering an area of approximately 696 km2. With pre-application consultation already underway (the Scoping Report was published in October 2016 and the Preliminary Environmental Information Report in July 2017), the application for Development Consent is expected to be submitted in Quarter 2 of 2018, with construction planned to commence in 2022.

Our remit as lead EIA consultant (onshore and offshore) has included the management of technical specialists, programme management, liaison with engineering teams, provision of advice and support with regards to the Development Consent Order and deemed Marine Licences, and provision of material and attendance at consultation meetings.

RPS has undertaken the majority of technical EIA assessments, both onshore and offshore, by in-house technical specialists. The offshore and onshore technical consultancy provided by RPS on all three former Hornsea Zone projects has included the comprehensive range of marine and terrestrial, human, biological and physical environmental topics. During the Examination phase of Hornsea Project One and Hornsea Project Two, RPS further supported SMart Wind and latterly DONG Energy, providing responses to the Examining Authority’s questions, additional documents, input into the Development Consent Order and Marine Licence conditions, and provision of expert witnesses during the hearings.