MoD C17 and Command Support Project Team

RPS is providing ISA services to the MoD’s C17 and Command Support Project Team for their C17 and BAe 146 aircraft platform fleets. This task is to show compliance with MoD policy, as flowed down through Defence policies and standards, the Project Team Safety and Environmental Management System and the appropriate local procedures and processes. RPS is required over the duration of the contract to conduct the following for each platform:

a) Review of the Safety Argument and airworthiness strategy (and changes thereto).

b) Review of the Safety Assessment Report and supporting evidence, hazard log (and changes thereto).

c) A systems-level review and implementation audit of the Safety and Environmental Management Plan and supporting Processes & Procedures.

This has required audit of the project team in both the United States and the UK. The ISA is also required to attend two airworthiness reviews, safety panels and integrity working groups for the platforms and provide feedback to the PT on their conduct. This project is complicated by the acquisition of C17 under the same safety and airworthiness management regime as the USAF – the “Virtual Fleet” concept. Therefore, the ISA role has to recognise and adapt to the differences between USAF and MAA regulatory procedures.