Public Sector Risk Management

RPS has, for over 15 years, been providing water quality and asbestos consultancy support to the United Kingdom’s overseas estates. During this time we have travelled extensively to all parts of the world, providing risk assessments and surveys across a range of properties, including Embassies and residential accommodation, providing confidence that health and safety risks are being appropriately managed.

Water systems assessed include; cooling towers, domestic hot and cold water systems, irrigation and borehole water quality. Recognising the limitations, at times, of access to local expertise for maintenance and support activities, our recommendations are always pragmatic and solution focused.

We have provided additional consultancy support in helping to develop wide ranging technical guidance documents, covering water quality, for use throughout the estate.

In addition to water quality and asbestos, we also provide UK based occupational health support, through our network of regional clinics. The support provided extends to medicals through to vaccinations.