Thames Water Infrastructure Alliance (TWIA)


RPS is part of a large Alliance that provides a wide range of water network related services to Thames Water. Thames Water is an equal partner in the Alliance. The Alliance requires and promotes collaborative behaviours from all of its members. This is supported by the adoption of a single Thames Water brand comprising work wear, vehicle livery, etc. Payment to the supply chain is at cost plus a management fee. Alliance members get to share in any underspend against target. They also share the risk associated with under performance. Innovation and investment decisions are taken jointly.


To assist the Thames Water Infrastructure Alliance to reduce leakage and to help them successfully improve their leakage management performance commitments, RPS are currently providing in excess of 200 staff, with future staff provision likely to rise to beyond 250. This includes 54 night resources.

Additionally, RPS provides skilled staff to help maintain and service Thames Water's water pressure management assets in accordance with its maintenance strategy and Levels of Service objectives. This includes the planned maintenance of over 1,200 PMVs and associated control systems across the entire region (20% major service, 80% minor service each year). RPS also provides a 24/7 stand by and call-out service in response to any PMV failures and/or in response to water pressure related network incidents encountered by Thames Water.


There are significant environmental and traffic management challenges associated with working in London and the surrounding areas as well as in remote rural and environmentally sensitive areas within the Thames Valley. RPS strives to overcome obstacles by flexible, intelligent working practices and appropriate use of a wide range of technology and equipment.