Air Quality

RPS offers expert consultancy advice on all aspects of air quality and odour. Our approach of upfront consultation with the local planning authority and regulators, detailed inside knowledge of the good practice methods of assessment, and robust responses to any post-submission queries, means our clients benefit from enhanced prospects for obtaining planning permission and other consents. Should appeal be necessary, the RPS team includes trained expert witnesses with inquiry experience. We are also able to support clients at planning committee meetings and public exhibitions.

Our air quality assessments cover the impact of new developments on the surrounding environment and the suitability of the proposed site for the type of development in question. Should significant air quality impacts be predicted, we can provide advice on the options for proportionate mitigation.

RPS' strong track record covers oil and gas, transport and infrastructure, waste management, energy generation, manufacturing, process industries, minerals, wastewater, residential and mixed-use development schemes. We use predictive models (including ADMS, AERMOD) and monitoring to assess the full range of air pollutants including industrial particulate and gaseous emissions, traffic pollutants, odour, dusts and bioaerosols. We also help clients gain BREEAM HEA02 credits.

Key Contacts

Jon Pullen

Jon Pullen   |   Operational Director  |   Send Email

Jon has more than 25 years of post-graduate experience in environmental assessment and monitoring. He is a Chartered Chemist, Chartered Scientist, a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Fellow of the Institute of Air Quality Management and a Member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences. Jon sits on the committee of the Institute of Air Quality Management.

Fiona Prismall

Fiona Prismall   |   Technical Director  |   Send Email

Fiona has extensive experience in undertaking air quality assessment using advanced atmospheric dispersion models (ADMS and AERMOD) and Highways England’s DMRB model. She has acted as an expert witness, preparing and presenting evidence. Fiona is a Member of the Institute of Air Quality Management and also acts as the committee secretary. She is a Chartered Environmentalist.

Rosemary Challen

Rosemary Challen   |   Senior Consultant  |   Send Email

Rosemary is experienced at assessing the air quality impacts from road and industrial emission sources using modelling and monitoring techniques. She also prepares Low Emissions Strategies and BREEAM HEA 02 Indoor Air Quality Plans. Rosemary is a Member of the Institute of Air Quality Management.