Hydrogeology & Ground Water

As a society, all that we do touches on the water environment, be it through the abstraction, use and discharge of groundwater and surface water, or the effects of our land use on the quantity and quality of water returning to the natural environment.

An understanding of the potential intricacies and interrelationships within the water environment is at the forefront of what we do at RPS within the water sciences. Our water specialists – hydrogeologists, hydrologists and ecologists – start each project from the perspective of the unique sensitivity and functionality of the groundwater and surface water setting.

RPS takes pride in offering a bespoke approach to water environment assessments underpinned by our desire to understand both our client’s as well as the regulator’s specific needs. In this way RPS aim to design and deliver a right-first-time scope of works, based on the intelligent application of scientifically sound methodologies.

Key Contacts

Richard Graham

Richard Graham   |   Associate Director  |   Send Email

Richard has 20 years’ experience of environmental consultancy as a Geophysicist and Hydrogeologist. Richard specialises in the delivery of technical assessments within the fields of water sciences including land quality, site investigation, water resources, hydrogeological risk assessments and remediation, waste management, industrial permitting and planning. Richard has also acted as an expert witness to such applications during public inquiries.

Dr Adrian Green

Dr Adrian Green   |   Principal Hydrogeologist  |   Send Email

Adrian is responsible for the project management and technical delivery of project work. Adrian has more than ten years of consultancy experience following completion of an MSc and PhD in Hydrogeology and working for the UK regulatory authorities. Adrian has particular expertise in respect to water resources, groundwater / land quality and contamination, quantitative risk assessment and environmental impact assessment.

Benjamin Briere

Benjamin Briere   |   Senior Hydrogeologist  |   Send Email

Benjamin has more than 15 years’ international experience working for the water, O&G and mining industries, regulators and environmental consultancies. As a senior member of the hydrogeology team, Benjamin specialises in water cycle and resource management, risk quantification and environmental impact assessments of controlled waters. He is a member of several Technical Working Groups advising the European Commission.