Radiological Services

RPS is a leading provider of specialist radiological support services in a wide range of industry sectors and applications, offering a dedicated team with a wealth of experience on non-nuclear and nuclear licensed sites, the oil and gas industry, nuclear civil and defence sites, land and building characterisation, safety case writing, waste management and radiation protection.

RPS can offer a complete range of consultancy services including compliance and liaison with regulators, risk assessment, advice relating to every aspect of the Environmental Permitting Regulations and Ionising Radiation Regulation 99, providing specialist advice, site radiological controls and supervision and a team of experienced Radiation Protection Supervisors. We can service your requirements through every stage from initial design through to decommissioning, from site investigation, survey and risk assessment to remediation and compliance verification. RPS can deliver integrated solutions which resolve radiological and non radiological issues in a complete package.

Key Contacts

Andy Clifton

Andy Clifton   |   Managing Director, Environment and Infrastructure  |   Send Email

Andy set up and leads RPS’ Radiological services team. He has over 20 years’ experience and is a specialist in contaminated land and waste management in particular focussing on nuclear licensed sites, radiologically affected sites and energy infrastructure projects.

Graham Moore

Graham Moore   |   Principal Consultant  |   Send Email

Graham has worked extensively on contaminated land investigations and remediation projects on non-nuclear and nuclear licensed sites in the defence and energy infrastructure sectors. Graham has project managed numerous radiological land quality and remediation projects across the UK to support land development projects and to assist clients with nuclear licence compliance.