Health & Safety - Construction

RPS’ highly skilled and experienced CDM consultants including Principal Designers, CDM Advisors and Project Supervisors Design Phase (Republic of Ireland) have the expertise and knowledge to take control of the CDM requirements in both the pre-construction and construction stages of a project. Our CDM consultants support both clients and contractors in meeting their obligations under the CDM Regulations. Our experts actively engage with clients and the design team ensuring that they work together, influencing how health and safety risks are managed.

Our CDM Consultants:

Plan, manage and monitor health and safety during the project

Help bring together pre-construction information, and provide the information that designers and contractors need to carry out their duties

Work with designers on the project to either eliminate foreseeable health and safety risks, or reduce and control them

Ensure that everyone involved communicates and cooperates, coordinating work, where required

Liaise with the principal contractor, informing them of any risks that will need to be controlled

Support the client and principal contractor during the project

Key Contacts

Andy Childs

Andy Childs   |   Technical Director  |   Send Email

A fully qualified and experienced engineer within the construction industry since 1982, Andy combines formal qualifications in construction and health and safety to perform the CDM consultancy role. This experience has enabled him to clearly understand the particular issues of health and safety risks in construction working within the CDM 2015 Regulations and associated legislation. Andy’s extremely enthusiastic and proactive approach to the role ensures the successful delivery of safe, operationally efficient projects on a repeat basis for many clients.

Richard Hardwick

Richard Hardwick   |   Associate Director  |   Send Email

Richard’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of health and safety best practice combined with his management and co-ordination of the pre-construction phase and design work carried out after construction begins, ensures that projects are carried out without health and safety risks. Specialisms include: health and safety legislation, risk assessments, asbestos management and site safety inspections.