Workplace and Stack Analysis

The Manchester laboratory, based in Salford Quays and operational since 1999, delivers a reliable and progressive analytical service to a diverse range of clients, working across a range of industries; including occupational hygiene, environmental emissions and healthcare. The laboratory offers a one-stop solution providing equipment hire, technical support, supply of media and analytical services.

Our business is flexible, open and honest. RPS actively encourage working partnerships with our clients and believe that this helps our business to deliver effective solutions. RPS continually assesses analytical equipment and methods, and regularly invests in the latest equipment; which enables the laboratory to offer a premier service to our clients.

The laboratory holds ISO17025 and offers UKAS accredited analysis (0605) on a wide range of matrices in line with specific MDHS, OSHA, NIOSH and BS methods.

Full details of all our accredited tests can be found by clicking on this link.

Key Contacts

Pam Thomas

Pam Thomas   |   Commercial Manager   |   Send Email

Pam has over 28 years’ experience with RPS, across numerous disciplines. She has a strong understanding of client requirements and this enables her to drive excellent customer relations and satisfaction. Pam is focused on delivering a high quality and efficient service.

Joanne Dewhurst

Joanne Dewhurst   |   Operational Manager   |   Send Email

Joanne is an experienced chemist with over 28 years’ analytical experience across a range of matrices and analytical instrumentation. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of quality, man management, health and safety and time management; these skills enable Joanne to lead a team of enthusiastic analysts to deliver reliable results on time to clients.

Sub Services

Workplace Monitoring




Anaesthetic gases

Anions / Acids

Biological assays



Diesel Exhaust Emissions


Hexavalent Chromium

Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Sulphide




Oil Mist

Oxides of Nitrogen



Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons

Respirable Crystalline Silica

Rubber Fume


Sulphur Dioxide

Other Miscellaneous Analysis

Stack Emissions

Working with stack consultants for 30 years, RPS has experience in understanding and reacting to client and enforcement agency requirements. Our proactive response to client and industry requirements has led to a Scope of Accreditation which is un-rivalled in the environmental stack monitoring sector.

Analytical services include:

Aldehydes (BS EN 13649:2014)

Amines (BSEN 13649:2014)

Ammonia (BS EN 14791)

Anions (US EPA M26/M26A, BS ISO 15713)

Formaldehyde (US EPA M316)

HCl (BS EN 1911)

HF (BS ISO 15713)

Hydrogen Sulphide (US EPA M11)

Isocyanates (US EPA CTM 036A)

Mercury (BS EN 13211)

Metals (US EPA 14385)

Nitrogen Oxides (US EPA M7D)

Oil Mist

Particulates (BS EN 13284)

Phenols and Cresols (BS EN 13649:2014)

Sulphur Dioxide (BS EN 14791)

Volatile Organic Compounds (BSEN 13649:2014)

Sample solutions, bottles and filters are provided; refrigerated transport can be arranged. The analytical methods outlined above are UKAS accredited and are listed on the RPS Scope of Accreditation (0605) RPS are working towards MCerts accreditation for testing of samples from stack emissions monitoring.

Pump Hire

Being able to offer a one-stop solution, RPS is in a unique position within the occupational and environmental industry. Unlike other hire outlets, RPS offers adaptable packages based around specific client requirements; offering organisations a choice of services, which can be purchased individually or in combination, to provide a time efficient and cost effective solution to a variety of monitoring scenarios.

The service includes:

Sampling Pumps (SKC and Gilair)

Rotameter for field calibration or in-house calibration with issue of certificate for client records

Technical support

Supply of media

Laboratory service

In the event that organisations require assistance with result interpretation or, require the services of a qualified Occupational Hygienist or Occupational Healthcare Professional, the laboratory offer a referral service. All services are provided in-house by RPS.