Transport Planning & Infrastructure Design

At RPS our approach is both innovative and considered; we listen to our clients’ needs, appreciate stakeholder issues and weigh up alternatives before recommending solutions to bring projects to fruition on time and within budget. Our culture ensures that for all our projects there is senior level involvement and leadership from inception to completion.

Our advice is cognisance of policy directives with their focus on sustainable travel, we remain mindful that developments need to be viable and deliverable, and we propose interventions that are safe and efficient. We are accomplished in drafting the full suite of transport planning documentation, and are highly skilled in infrastructure and public realm design, with first class contractual acumen and supervisory expertise. Throughout our engagement we are astute in our negotiations with local authorities and development management agencies, streamlining the process to bring success.

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Key Contacts

Joe Ellis

Joe Ellis   |   Operational Director   |   Send Email

Joe is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in transport planning, civil engineering and construction. He has advised a wide range of clients on the transport and engineering implications of land use projects across the UK and internationally in continental Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Projects include new towns, large mixed-use developments, stadia & venues, residential, office, industrial, warehousing, food and non-food retailing, leisure, hotels and motorist facilities on motorways and trunk roads. Joe also has extensive experience of transport and infrastructure planning, engineering design, specifications, contracts and legal agreements, through to construction and operation. In the promotion of land use developments and infrastructure, Joe has attended many workshops, planning for real days and public consultations, as well as representing clients at public inquiries, and the UK High Courts.

Brian Plumb

Brian Plumb   |   Senior Director   |   Send Email

Brian is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 38 years’ experience in transport planning, civil engineering and construction. His past experience includes 10 years in the employment of a County Highway Authority and 28 years in consultancy, dealing with matters of design, construction, traffic engineering, transportation studies and sustainable travel.

Brian has presented evidence at numerous Public Inquiries and Local Plan hearings, in addition to providing expert evidence at court. His experience has included various types of development, including strategic land promotion, major housing and employment schemes, motorway service areas, energy from waste facilities together with food and non-food retail schemes. Brian’s experience offers a wealth of technical knowledge to assist in resolving the more frequent transport problems that need to be solved to unlock development sites.

David Archibald

David Archibald   |   Director   |   Send Email

David has 17 years’ experience in transport planning and highway design for a wide range of clients and land uses. This includes small to large / strategic residential sites, commercial sites, industrial sites, leisure and tourism facilities, retail uses, on-shore wind farms, off-shore wind farms and associated on-shore infrastructure, renewables, NSIPs, energy, waste and mixed-use development sites.

David has a particular expertise in preparing the transport related documents associated with obtaining Development Consent Orders (DCO) for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP). He regularly attends public consultation and key stakeholder events as well as speaking at planning committee meetings, appearing at hearings and acting as expert witness at public inquiry. He has also given evidence to Select Committee in the House of Commons.

Kevin Kay

Kevin Kay   |   Director   |   Send Email

Kevin has been Project Director for a number of large-scale residential, Garden Village and urban regeneration schemes, with his involvement spanning the whole spectrum of site promotion from Local Plan representations and the formulation of Masterplans to the delivery of supporting infrastructure and the implementation of Travel Plans.

With a background in strategic transport modelling, he has produced traffic models to inform area-wide strategies and support infrastructure investment decisions. He has a keen interest in place-making and uses his experience to demonstrate the wider benefits of re-allocating road space on pedestrian accessibility, capacity, safety and public transport. He has also been called to offer his expert advice in land negotiations, appeals and in CPOs and commercial court cases.