Hazeley Secondary School, Milton Keynes Hazeley Secondary School, Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Council

RPS provided Building Services designs for a new, two storey, 11,900m2 secondary school.

The building contains classrooms, offices, laboratories and a library in the academic wing and a gymnasium, sports hall, music pods, dining room and kitchens in the sports and arts wing. The academic wing is set out on a regular grid with classrooms either side of a central corridor. The ends of each wing connect to a dramatic double height entrance foyer with overlooking balconies.

The gymnasium and sports hall dominate the arts wing with full height glazing in the dining area providing views over the city. The philosophy for the site was to provide natural and passive ventilation in the internal areas wherever possible to maintain the required levels of air-change rates and comfort, this was achieved in the classroom wing by the construction of a series of vent-stack towers to aid the circulation of fresh air.