Highfield College, Blackpool Schools BSF Highfield College, Blackpool Schools BSF

Eric Wright Construction

The school design is centred around a spectacular central atria which allows both natural daylight and ventilation to enter giving a spacious feeling to the building.

From inception, the team focused on passive design to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting and cooling whilst also promoting exemplar levels of thermal insulation and air tightness. The ventilation system utilises the central atria as the so called ‘Lungs’ of the building. Individual classrooms are served with fans that transfer air from the central atria to ventilate the space accordingly.

Other low carbon features include:

LED Lighting

Solar Thermal Hot Water


Heat Recovery on Air Systems

Exposed Slab for High Cooling

Gas CHP for base heat load

Underground earth duct for cooling/heating of incoming fresh air

Underfloor heating

Passive chilled beams

Mixed mode ventilation

Daylight & Occupancy Controlled Lighting

The building secured an EPC Rating of ‘A’ and a design stage BREEAM ‘Excellent’ Rating.