New Nuclear


RPS provides specialist Planning, Permitting and Environmental Assessment services for the current programme for new nuclear power stations in England and Wales together with Decommissioning and Remediation services at existing sites and installations.

RPS supported developers through early site evaluation and the UK Government's Strategic Siting Assessment which led to the selection of the eight new nuclear sites in the National Policy Statement. We are providing EIA, Transport, Health Impact Assessment, Sustainability and Planning support for Development Consent Order preparation on the sites that are currently being progressed.

RPS is also providing Planning, EIA, Decommissioning, Site Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management advice at many the UK's main existing nuclear installations. This includes planning applications and EIAs for new facilities at AWE Aldermaston, land remediation studies at a number of Magnox sites and transport plans for AWE and new nuclear construction sites.

Hinkley Point

Case Studies

Aldermaston and Burghfield

Aldermaston and Burghfield, Berkshire


RPS provided planning, EIA, Ecology, Landscape design, Transport, Land Remediation and other services for infrastructure developments and site facilities.

RPS has provided development support to AWE since 2005 on a wide range of key projects. We have provided Town Planning advice, Environmental Statements, advice on Ecology, Landscaping, Sustainability and Civil Engineering design input as well as providing advice on the site wide Travel Plan.

Projects RPS have assisted AWE with include the 1400 staff Gemini office complex, Circinus High Explosives facility, Pegasus Enriched Uranium Handling Facility, Technical Development Centre and the Mensa facility.

RPS has also provided Site Investigation, Risk Assessment and Remediation strategy advice for redevelopments at Burghfield, a former munitions factory, including the former site tip. Site investigations confirmed soils within the former tip to be impacted with asbestos, chemical contaminants and explosive residues. RPS developed the remediation strategy for mitigating contamination risks and prepared a detailed Engineering Design and Remediation Specification. The engineering design included 3D digital terrain modelling, volumetric calculations, CAD engineering drawings and visualisations.

Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C, Somerset

EDF Energy

RPS is providing Sustainability and Waste Management advice, completing the Health Impact Assessment and providing planning support for the Development Consent Order applications for this new nuclear build.

EDF Energy's proposals for a new 3260 MW nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C will be the first nuclear power project to complete the Development Consent Order (DCO) application process under the new planning regime for nationally significant infrastructure projects in England and Wales. RPS provided a range of services in support of the EIA and DCO preparation.

RPS advised on both the Sustainability Strategy and the Health Impact Assessment for the project. These were published alongside the DCO applications and included associated development sites such as construction workers accommodation, park & ride sites, freight handling and refurbishment of Combwich Wharf.

RPS was the planning and waste consultant appointed to prepare, submit and negotiate consent for the Enabling Works application which secured planning permission for works to prepare the site to commence before submission of the main application to the Planning Inspectorate. The RPS team was actively involved in the various stages of the pre-application public consultations and supported the EDF team during the hearings.

Oldbury Power Station

Oldbury Power Station Oldbury Power Station, Oldbury

Horizon Nuclear Power / E.ON

RPS provided Site Selection advice and completed supporting studies for a New Nuclear Build site.

RPS provided support to E .ON UK on planning and environmental criteria for the selection of New Nuclear Build sites in the UK and studies in support of the ultimate nomination of Oldbury in DECC's Strategic Siting Assessment. Following the identification of Oldbury in the draft Nuclear National Policy Statement, RPS continued to advise E.ON on the programme and scope of activities leading to an application for a DCO under the Planning Act 2008.

Following the establishment of the E.ON and RWE joint venture Horizon Nuclear Power, RPS has continued to provide consultancy services in support of the application process at Oldbury including preparation of the EIA scoping report and ecology, marine and landscape studies including input to assessments for the selection and design of the proposed cooling water systems.

Sizewell C

Sizewell C, Suffolk Sizewell C, Suffolk

EDF Energy

RPS is providing Sustainability advice and completing the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for this nuclear new build.

The proposed development comprises two European Pressurised Reactor units. The expected electrical output of the nuclear power station will be approximately 1,630 megawatts (MW) per unit giving a total site capacity of 3260 MW. This will meet more than 6% of the UK's electricity needs, the equivalent of supplying approximately five million homes.

RPS's Sustainability and HIA teams provided the first assessments of their kind on a new nuclear power station project in the UK for Hinkley Point C and are now building on our best in class service on the Sizewell C project.


Wylfa, Isle of Anglesey

Horizon Nuclear Power

Transport Planning and preliminary Highway advice in relation to proposals to construct a new nuclear power station.

The main transport impacts and the period of highest traffic movements were predicted for the construction programme for Wylfa B and advice was provided in the context of construction workers and the movement of materials including Abnormal Indivisible Loads and the likely impacts.

It was estimated that at the peak of the construction process there would be 6000 construction workers employed at the site.

RPS designed preliminary highway improvements on the A5025 route to mitigate key constraints and include suggested junction improvements to the horizontal alignment, local widening and bypasses to remove traffic flows from key settlements. The improvements reduce delays and hence risks to the construction programme and protect the local environment. Potential impacts on local residents would also be avoided.

RPS advised on the requirement for associated development to mitigate the impact of the construction. The associated development could include a park and ride scheme/s, a logistics centre and a Marine off-loading facility (MOLF).