Wylfa, Isle of Anglesey

Horizon Nuclear Power

Transport Planning and preliminary Highway advice in relation to proposals to construct a new nuclear power station.

The main transport impacts and the period of highest traffic movements were predicted for the construction programme for Wylfa B and advice was provided in the context of construction workers and the movement of materials including Abnormal Indivisible Loads and the likely impacts.

It was estimated that at the peak of the construction process there would be 6000 construction workers employed at the site.

RPS designed preliminary highway improvements on the A5025 route to mitigate key constraints and include suggested junction improvements to the horizontal alignment, local widening and bypasses to remove traffic flows from key settlements. The improvements reduce delays and hence risks to the construction programme and protect the local environment. Potential impacts on local residents would also be avoided.

RPS advised on the requirement for associated development to mitigate the impact of the construction. The associated development could include a park and ride scheme/s, a logistics centre and a Marine off-loading facility (MOLF).