Dovecote Park, West Yorkshire Dovecote Park, West Yorkshire

Dovecote Park

RPS has provided Planning services to Dovecote Park for a number of years including securing consent for the redevelopment of an existing site in Green Belt.

As part of their expansion plans, Dovecote looked to redevelop their Stapleton Site to include a canteen, new process and packaging areas, an upgraded abattoir and a new car park. The site is located within Green Belt and thus the expansion, by definition, is an inappropriate development.

RPS put the planning case together demonstrating very special circumstances to overcome the harm to the Green Belt inlcluding the economic and commercial need, operational considerations, a lack of alternative sites and the Scope for Disaggregation and the impact on employment.

We adopted an approach of engagement with the Council, building up a good working relationship prior to submission which proved invaluable in ensuring an expeditious and successful outcome, and ensuring a smooth discharge of conditions, and amendments post permission.

Planning permission was granted unanimously, without any amendment within three months of submitting the application. RPS was retained by the client to provide ongoing advice.