Waterside Mill, Cheshire

Disley Tissue Ltd

RPS produced Transport evidence and secured the Environmental Permitt in support of a proposal to expand an existing manufacturing plant.

Increasing production of tissue to over four times the existing capacity required a substantial variation to the Environmental Permit application. RPS completed Air Dispersion Modelling and completed a Stack Height Assessment in addition to full BAT Assessment, H1 and Environmental Risk Assessment and completed an Application Site Condition Report.

Following consultation with the relevant Local Authorities, RPS also produced a Transport Statement, Travel Plan and Transport Chapter within the Environmental Statement for submission as part of the planning application.

The transport evidence submitted calculated and assessed the impacts resulting from the additional vehicular trips generated by the realisation of the development proposals, incorporating a car parking accumulation exercise and junction capacity assessments.

The impacts of the proposed development were assessed against the increased levels of severance, delay, amenity, intimidation and accident potential resulting from increases to the levels of traffic generated by the site.