CHP Power Station, South Hook LNG Terminal, Pembrokeshire

Qatar Petroleum International, ExxonMobil, Total Power

Having secured the original permissions for the project, RPS is now advising on the installation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) station at the site.

The CHP station will produce sufficient electricity to meet all the terminal's needs and allow the export of surplus power (up to 500MW) to the national grid. The heat generated from the power station will be used to heat the LNG for regasification. The result will be greater efficiency and a net reduction in UK CO2 emissions equivalent to removing 600,000 cars from the UK roads.

RPS has provided Planning, Permitting, Project Management and Public Consultation services and has co-ordinated the Environmental Impact Assessment.

The proposal is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. Consequently it requires a Development Consent Order rather than planning permission.

RPS is also advising on the options for securing a connection of the CHP station to the national grid at Pembroke.