Rotherdale Anaerobic Digestion Plant, Evesham

Springhill Farms Ltd

RPS completed a planning application and assessments for a development including a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP), Anaerobic Digester (AD), beef unit and associated ancillary infrastructure adjacent to an existing grain store at Rotherdale Farm in Evesham, Throckmorton.

The facility has a capacity of 17,600tpa with feedstock comprising 13,200tpa of energy crop, 1,000tpa of cow manure and 3,400tpa of poultry droppings.

The heat and electricity produced by the plant will be used both at Rotherdale Farm and at the adjacent poultry unit with the surplus electricity being sold to the National Grid.

The approach to the planning application and range and scope of supporting assessments was agreed with the Local Authority via a series of pre-application consultation meetings.

Technical reports prepared to inform the application included:

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Noise Assessment

Air Quality Assessment.

RPS' assessments demonstrated that the proposed development was unlikely to have a significant environmental impact on the site and its surroundings.