Blackburn Meadows Renewable Energy facility, Sheffield


RPS is providing extensive consultancy services for a new-build biomass power station on a former industrial site on the outskirts of Sheffield.

RPS design consultants worked closely with the client, their process engineering team and the Local Authority to realise planning approval for the 30MW biomass plant. Our engineers provided scheme designs for the Foundations, Substructure, Drainage, External Works and Buildings Substructure.

This process included the collation of superstructure and plant loadings data from drawings/schedules provided by the various process equipment suppliers, which allowed us to design an appropriate building in which to house it.

The biomass boiler and turbine are to be supported on foundations and superstructure with extremely tight settlement limits.

The facility is currently being constructed on a remediated brownfield site that had complex geotechnical characteristics. When complete and operational the plant will comprise a boiler and turbine house, fuel storage and handling building, admin buildings and a visitor centre with an accessible and appropriately landscaped green roof.