Offshore Wind


RPS has been at the forefront of planning and consenting for Offshore Wind for over 10 years. In the UK, a relatively advanced offshore wind marketplace, we have worked on a majority of Round 1 and Round 2 sites and are now supporting the preparation of Development Consent Order (DCO) applications for a number of the larger and deeper water Round 3 sites. In addition we have assisted developers in scoping and early stage evaluation studies at various locations around the world.

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RPS services in relation to offshore wind projects include the following:

Preparation and management of EIAs

Planning applications for onshore sub-station activities

Visual impact studies

Noise assessment

Ecological impact assessment

Shipping and maritime impact

Consultation and stakeholder engagement

Turbine foundation assessment

Power cable landfall and offshore routing studies

Architecture and Engineering Services

Planning for landfall infrastructure, covertor stations etc

Wind Turbine Factories

Case Studies

Atlantic Array

Atlantic Array, Bristol Channel

RWE npower Renewables Ltd

RPS is providing the onshore Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the 1500MW Atlantic Array Round 3 site in the Bristol Channel, together with the offshore seascape and visual assessment.

Onshore studies included the alternatives and site selection reports for the landfall, cable route and substation. RPS used these reports to undertake the early consultations on the alternatives with local authorities in Devon, Natural England, the National Trust and the Environment Agency.

Subsequently, RPS has undertaken the planning, management and execution of site specific surveys in relation to the onshore options, EIA scoping and the preparation of all onshore topics in the Preliminary Environmental Information and the Environmental Statement.

This has been achieved via a dedicated onshore EIA project manager and in-house topic experts and survey teams. A dedicated resource has also been provided to support RWE with onshore stakeholder engagement, public consultation and the preparation of the DCO application.

Centrica Round 2

Centrica, Round 2 Projects

Lincs ,Race Bank and Docking Shoal

RPS prepared a joint Environmental Statement (ES) for the onshore components (including substation works at Walpole) for the export cable for three offshore wind farms and the offshore ES for Lincs.

RPS also co-ordinated and advised on studies to inform Appropriate Assessment of onshore and offshore components of the export cable. In addition, RPS was engaged to provide consulting support on the production of the offshore Environmental Statements for Lincs, Race Bank and Docking Shoal projects.

Following the grant of Section 36 Consent for the Lincs project by DECC. RPS acted to discharge planning conditions, dealt with variations to the consent and managed all environmental surveys on and off shore.

RPS were involved in securing a new Transport and Works Act Order for an additional six offshore wind turbines and securing consent to vary the inter-tidal cable installation routing and methodology through an internationally designated environment. RPS staff worked closely with Centrica's own Development and Public Affairs Managers and promoted positive working relations with all key consultees and stakeholders.

RPS has also worked on numerous related and historic consents and environmental phases with Centrica.

Hornsea Round 3

Hornsea Round 3, North Sea

SMart Wind Ltd

The Hornsea Zone is being developed to provide a generation capacity of 4GW by 2020 by SMart Wind, a 50/50 joint venture between Mainstream Renewable Power (UK) Ltd and Siemens Project Ventures GmbH.

RPS is appointed as Planning and Environmental consultant to prepare the Development Consent Order (DCO) application to the Planning Inspectorate for both the onshore and offshore infrastructure for the first two projects providing up to 3GW capacity.

The onshore studies have covered export cable route options in two locations and site selection for a High Voltage Direct Current Converter Station or AC substation.

RPS is supporting four phases of public and stakeholder consultation for Sections 42 and 47 of the Planning Act 2008, preparing the Planning Statement; and providing all environmental studies required to prepare the Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment for the onshore elements.

Our teams have carried out:

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment for onshore elements

Seascape & Visual Impact Assessments for offshore elements

Ornithological surveys

Ecological surveys for cable routing and landfall works (within Humber Special Protection Area and Special Area of Conservation.

Archaeology Services

London Array

London Array, Thames Estuary

London Array Ltd

RPS acted as lead consultants for the Environmental Impact Assessment for this 1,000MW offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary and provided the Environmental Statement accompanying both onshore and offshore applications.

The full development includes 341 turbines rising from the sea about 12 miles (20km) off the Kent and Essex coasts, as well as five offshore substations and up to four meteorological masts. The onshore grid connection is at a new substation near the existing National Grid overhead line at Cleve Hill, near Faversham in Kent.

RPS provided Environmental services including the provision of a dedicated Project Manager to the consortium for the duration of the ES production. The specialist surveys and studies included Ecology, Ornithology, Noise (including marine), Landscape and Visual resources, Archaeology, Agriculture and Soils, Traffic and Transport, Shellfisheries, Flood Risk and Drainage, Planning and GIS support.

Four RPS specialists were Expert Witnesses at the successful planning appeal for the onshore application for the substation.