Atlantic Array, Bristol Channel

RWE npower Renewables Ltd

RPS is providing the onshore Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the 1500MW Atlantic Array Round 3 site in the Bristol Channel, together with the offshore seascape and visual assessment.

Onshore studies included the alternatives and site selection reports for the landfall, cable route and substation. RPS used these reports to undertake the early consultations on the alternatives with local authorities in Devon, Natural England, the National Trust and the Environment Agency.

Subsequently, RPS has undertaken the planning, management and execution of site specific surveys in relation to the onshore options, EIA scoping and the preparation of all onshore topics in the Preliminary Environmental Information and the Environmental Statement.

This has been achieved via a dedicated onshore EIA project manager and in-house topic experts and survey teams. A dedicated resource has also been provided to support RWE with onshore stakeholder engagement, public consultation and the preparation of the DCO application.