Centrica, Round 2 Projects

Lincs ,Race Bank and Docking Shoal

RPS prepared a joint Environmental Statement (ES) for the onshore components (including substation works at Walpole) for the export cable for three offshore wind farms and the offshore ES for Lincs.

RPS also co-ordinated and advised on studies to inform Appropriate Assessment of onshore and offshore components of the export cable. In addition, RPS was engaged to provide consulting support on the production of the offshore Environmental Statements for Lincs, Race Bank and Docking Shoal projects.

Following the grant of Section 36 Consent for the Lincs project by DECC. RPS acted to discharge planning conditions, dealt with variations to the consent and managed all environmental surveys on and off shore.

RPS were involved in securing a new Transport and Works Act Order for an additional six offshore wind turbines and securing consent to vary the inter-tidal cable installation routing and methodology through an internationally designated environment. RPS staff worked closely with Centrica's own Development and Public Affairs Managers and promoted positive working relations with all key consultees and stakeholders.

RPS has also worked on numerous related and historic consents and environmental phases with Centrica.