Tidal Flow Marine Turbines

The Department of Trade, Enterprise and Investment (DETI)

RPS, QUB and MCT were commissioned to undertake modelling studies to investigate the potential for utilising the tidal streams off the coast of Northern Ireland for energy generation on a commercial basis, by the deployment of pile-mounted tidal turbines, at selected sites.

In-house computational models of the Northern Irish coastal waters, along with existing information and data on marine currents off the NI coast were utilised to identify the most promising sites for the cost effective development of tidal stream energy resources.

These models were then used to produced contour maps of areas with high current velocities in suitable water depths and assess the likelihood of significant conflicts with other marine users.

RPS provided a range of services to the project including:

Computational Modelling of North Irish Coast

Hydraulic Modelling of Tidal Velocities.