Asda Supercentre, Milton Keynes Mailbox, Birmingham

Brockton Capital LLP & Milligan Developments

Located in the centre of Birmingham, the redevelopment of the Mailbox comprises 296,000ft2 of office accommodation, 38 retail units, 15 restaurants, 144 apartments, two hotels with 279 bedrooms between them and 686 car parking spaces. Everyman will also have a three-screen, 12,000 ft2 boutique cinema.

The work will also see the retail mall at The Mailbox enclosed and sky-lit, to create an urban room with new fa├žades, finishes and store frontages. Significant existing tenants include the likes of the BBC, Network Rail, Harvey Nichols, Nicky Clarke, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, and Malmaison Hotel.

Trying to ensure that the project keeps on programme and within budget whilst trying to keep 200 residents happy and ensuring that the retail units, eateries and office workers can still operate fully will always be a challenge, complex temporary wayfinding helps us maintain a high quality operational mixed-use environment as well as the ability to open up key interface locations within the existing structure.

Other challenges included de-risking the project during pre-procurement as well as a challenging procurement and construction programme, ways that we have overcome these challenges has been to establish a high level contact and good relationship with the contractor and encouraging proactive involvement. Regular look ahead meetings are also essential and are held with the contractor and operational teams to aid the complex phasing, sequencing and tenant liaison.

DBK were acquired by RPS in April 2016.