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Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

RPS is a market leader in Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Assessment, providing expert advice to developers, industry, Local Authorities and government. We provide enhanced prospects for obtaining planning permission and discharging (or pre-empting) conditions.

Our teams, spread across the UK and Ireland, provide a range of services including Noise & Vibration Assessments as part of Environmental Statements, Engineering Noise & Vibration Control advice, Architectural and Building Acoustics advice, Noise and Vibration Monitoring during construction, Noise Management Plans and Noise Monitoring during events, and Workplace Noise and Vibration Assessments.

We also have extensive experience from desktop studies through site surveys, environmental assessments, and monitoring to providing expert witness services at public inquiry.

Our areas of expertise include:

Building & Architectural Acoustics

Environmental Noise

Measurement & Testing

Noise Mapping

Underwater Acoustics


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Case Studies

Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm

Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm

RWE nPower

RPS developed detailed models, assessments and authored the Noise and Vibration Environmental Statement chapters for the offshore wind farm, onshore grid connection, cable route and horizontal directional drilling compounds. The project is in progress and included detailed computer modelling of noise emissions from two substation options (AIS and GIS) that were used to develop mitigation strategies with the technology designers to ensure that the existing rural soundscape was not significantly affected.

The airborne noise assessments of the wind farm included models that considered propagation through low-jet and/or temperature inversion conditions over water that are not addressed by the methodology commonly adopted for wind farm assessment in the UK (ISO 9613-2).

The Airborne Noise ES Chapter for the offshore project includes a comprehensive discussion of effects in the context of the soundscape of the Isle of Lundy to address specific concerns from the community and stakeholders over potential impacts to the perceived tranquillity and absence of anthropogenic noise on Lundy.

Crossrail London

Crossrail, London Crossrail, London

Crossrail Ltd

Crossrail is a major project that will link railways either side of London and complement the existing London Underground services. It is currently the largest rail project in Europe.

RPS supported the project from route selection and continued with extensive baseline noise surveys, noise and vibration assessments and the provision of input to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We supported the Crossrail Bill through the Parliamentary process, where noise and vibration effects were key issues. The Crossrail Bill gained Royal Assent in 2008. RPS continued to provide noise and vibration guidance for the detailed design and construction stages.

Following the noise assessments to support the selection of the preferred scheme, consultation was carried out with each Local Authority to select key sensitive receptors, where baseline noise surveys were to be carried out. The resulting extensive schedule of noise surveys eventually resulted in some 300 separate measurements being carried out.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport



RPS provided ground noise services for an environmental assessment regarding future development at Heathrow Airport.

RPS developed a model for predicting noise from ground operations using SoundPLAN software.  The model needed to be large and complex to fully predict noise from ground activities from the entire airport, and taking into account the following principal noise sources:

Aircraft taxiing between stands and runway

Aircraft holding before take-off

Auxiliary Power Units operating on stationary aircraft

Servicing vehicles and plant in use for aircraft while on stand.

The main assessment stage for the project considered the ground noise effects of a large number of potential airport layouts involving different configurations of runways, terminals and taxi-ways, in combination with different operating modes.

GIS was used to estimate populations within noise contours in order to assess the relative effects of the options. Noise was also assessed for the 'surface access' road and rail links to the airport.

The results of the ground noise assessment were combined with the air noise assessment to feed into the process of environmental ranking of the options for a third runway.

Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm

Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm Projects 1 and 2 Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm Projects 1 and 2

SmartWind (Mainstream / Siemens Joint Venture)

RPS undertook baseline noise surveys, developed detailed models, provided assessments and authored the Technical Report for the offshore wind farm and Noise and Vibration ES Chapter for the onshore grid connection, cable route and horizontal directional drilling activities. The project is in progress and has incorporated parallel assessments of two grid connection designs (HVAC and HVDC).

Key to this process has been the ability to design, and assess, a worst-case scenario to enable the project design team maximum flexibility on the equipment specification, anticipating potential design amendments during the equipment procurement phase, without compromising neighbour amenity at any stage in the project life-cycle, though to future site decommissioning.

The noise assessments of the offshore wind farm included models that considered acoustic propagation over water and across large distances, which is out with the scope of the methodology commonly adopted for wind farm assessment in the UK (ISO 9613-2).

Leicester BSF

Leicester BSF


Miller Construction

RPS worked closely with the design teams to deliver a consistent, yet innovative, approach to noise control and optimisation of conditions for speech and music. Four sample schools, Fullhurst Community College, Beaumont Leys, Judge meadows and Soar Valley have been completed

Services carried out on the projects include noise surveys to determine the noise exposure on the site and document background noise levels. From these surveys, glazing and ventilation proposals can be determined, together with limiting plant noise levels. Taking the designs forward, we have been involved in the design and specification of internal floors and partitions, doors and internal finishes, providing necessary marked-up drawings and reports to satisfy BB93 requirements to Building Control.

Park Central

Park Central


Crest Nicholson

RPS provided Acoustic advice for the design and construction stages of the redevelopment of Park Central.

The Attwood Green site was formerly a rundown mixture of council-owned houses and high-rise tower blocks. Due to its location and the high design standards expected, Acoustics played a key role in project success.

Surrounded by some of Birmingham’s busiest dual-and single-carriageway roads, noise ingress from road traffic has required careful consideration. The diverse construction types each require careful design to ensure Building Regulations requirements are met. EcoHomes make this element of the design even more critical, often requiring up to 5 dB increase in minimum standards of sound insulation.

The old buildings were demolished and replaced by a new mixed community comprising 1400 private and shared ownership dwellings, together with commercial office space and retail, all located around a central landscaped area. Many of the shared ownership dwellings are designed and constructed to EcoHomes ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ rating.