Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm


Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm Atlantic Array Offshore Wind Farm

RWE nPower

RPS developed detailed models, assessments and authored the Noise and Vibration Environmental Statement chapters for the offshore wind farm, onshore grid connection, cable route and horizontal directional drilling compounds. The project is in progress and included detailed computer modelling of noise emissions from two substation options (AIS and GIS) that were used to develop mitigation strategies with the technology designers to ensure that the existing rural soundscape was not significantly affected.

The airborne noise assessments of the wind farm included models that considered propagation through low-jet and/or temperature inversion conditions over water that are not addressed by the methodology commonly adopted for wind farm assessment in the UK (ISO 9613-2).

The Airborne Noise ES Chapter for the offshore project includes a comprehensive discussion of effects in the context of the soundscape of the Isle of Lundy to address specific concerns from the community and stakeholders over potential impacts to the perceived tranquillity and absence of anthropogenic noise on Lundy.