Southwater Way


Southwater Way


Waterman/ASDA Stores Ltd

RPS was commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment for an Environmental Statement of the proposed land for development which included an ASDA store with parking spaces, a petrol filling station and residential units.

The following assessments were undertaken:

Construction effects including fugitive dust and exhaust emissions from construction activities.

Operational effects including the potential air quality effects from changes in traffic flow during the operational phase.

The suitability of the site for residential purposes in regards to air quality.

The air quality impacts of the proposed petrol filling station.

RPS' assessment concluded that construction dust could be mitigated and the air quality effects during operation would be negligible. The petrol filling station was scoped out of the assessment. Air quality did not constitute a material constraint for the proposed development.

Planning permission was given to build the new ASDA store with parking spaces, the petrol filling station and residential units.