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Analytical Laboratory Services

RPS operates three purpose-built laboratory facilities at Manchester, Letchworth and Ellesmere Port. All three laboratories have a long history of providing expert advice and analytical solutions to a wide range of industrial and service sectors.

The laboratories can offer routine analysis in accordance with a range of international standard methods, but also enjoy an international reputation for solving complex and novel analytical problems in unusual matrices.

Pathology and Biological Analysis: Delivers a range of specialist Pathology services to clients who are concerned with the management of occupational health. Uniquely, the laboratory can provide assistance in interpreting results to clients in support of the advice subsequently offered to clients and staff.

Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Analysis: Focuses on the analysis of air samples for occupational hygiene and environmental consultants, stack emissions test houses, and health & safety professionals.

Trace Organics: Core expertise remains the analysis of trace levels of organic contaminants, for example pesticides and herbicides, in water, food and beverage, feeds, soil, sewage and sludge. Recently added techniques include Explosive and Chemical Weapon Residue Analysis.

Our areas of analytical expertise include:

Occupational Hygiene and Air Quality

Stack Emissions

Trace Organic Analysis

Face Fit Testing

Food, Beverage and Feedstuff

Qualitative/Semi-quantitative Identification of Unknowns

Chemical Weapons Residues

Explosives and Propellants

Biological Samples

Drug & Alcohol analysis

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