Project Porto Maravilha


Project Porto Maravilha Project Porto Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Olympic Committee

Our masterplan proposals reflect the spirit, passion and colour of Rio, creating sustainable architecture that regenerates and improves the quality and feel of the Santo Cristo port side area.

Our designs capture the energy, spirit and movement of this vibrant city, whilst respecting the rhythm, flow, energy and symbolism associated with the Olympic Games. Designs have been considered holistically by integrating them into the rest of the portside regeneration outside of our site demise.

The design and massing of the buildings respond to Rio’s existing topography both immediate and in the wider context. The organic nature of the design sees buildings rising up from the site to create a focal point, the iconic Arch linking both of the sites.

The Arch will be a ‘must see’ attraction, providing a route to explore the City. Translucent pods will transport tourists along the route and allow pedestrian flow. Our designs allow visitors to view the truly magical views of the Rio de Janeiro skyline and views of the surrounding Olympic venues.