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Asbestos Consultancy

RPS has extensive experience in managing asbestos for clients in various industries and sectors.  We advise clients on the most pragmatic, efficient and operationally advantageous way to manage asbestos, without compromising on safety issues.

RPS provide a range of HSG 264 compliant surveys.  From management survey risk registers to specific intrusive refurbishment surveys detailing materials that need to be remediated, our reports allow projects to be carried out without delay and additional cost.  We can also provide clients with demolition surveys to identify all asbestos materials, so they can be removed safely before the site is cleared for new building work.

Additionally, RPS can ensure continuity of compliance by conducting regular Risk Register Inspections on the condition of asbestos materials in buildings.  Our consultants can produce the essential management documentation required by to ensure compliance and the smooth operation of a building, or portfolio of buildings, when dealing with asbestos matters and planned works.

Our areas of expertise include:

Asbestos Consultancy Advice

Asbestos Project Management

Bulk Sample Analysis


Asbestos Surveys

Demolition/Refurbishment Surveys


Management Surveys

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