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Attendance Management

RPS provides access to qualified and competent professionals tasked with assisting clients in tackling absence and illness and in so doing, promoting health and wellbeing.

The purpose of referring an employee to Occupational Health is to:

Facilitate the early return to work of the individual in question;

Provide a structured/phased return to work following long term sickness absence;

Provide an independent opinion regarding the likely length of absence so that management can make suitable plans;

Determine an individual’s fitness to perform a particular job; and

Investigate poor performance where there are management concerns that ill health is affecting work capability.

A large proportion of Occupational Health referrals can be dealt with effectively by a suitably experienced Occupational Health Nurse, often as a remote telephone based consultation.  This delivery approach allows us to significantly reduce the turnaround time of advice and provide increased accessibility for our clients.

Due to the implementation of detailed clinical processes our experienced staff are able to fulfil client requirements.

Our areas of expertise include:

Occupational Health

Pre-placement Assessments


Health Surveillance

Mobile Screening

Musculoskeletal Services

Health Promotion and Wellbeing

Counselling and Employee Assistance Programmes

Workplace and Travel Vaccinations

Drug and Alcohol Screening.