Olympic Broadcasting Centre


Olympic Broadcasting Centre


Olympic Delivery Authority

Building Information Modelling played a key part during  the design stages of the Olympic Broadcasting Centre (IBC) project, creating the opportunity to trial models of the proposed development and experience how the facility would actually appear by transcribing the model into 3-D visualisations.

The 49,000m2 of studio and office space is 275m long, 104m wide and 22m tall with a 4,500 tonne steel structure that incorporated an impressive c.22,500 tonnes of concrete.

Whilst the Olympic IBC was a high profile prestigious project it was also a challenge, funded by public money in difficult economic times. RPS delivered designs for a huge building to a tight timescale incorporating flexibility for legacy opportunities, at the lowest possible cost. All elements were approved by the Olympic Delivery Authority, local planning authorities and CABE.

Considerations for the legacy uses for this facility have proved challenging for all members of the design team and to enhance the appeal to future occupiers post-Games, the building was designed to “Secured by Design” standards with the ability to be split if required for added flexibility.