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CDM Consultants

RPS provides principal designer and CDM advisor roles by fully qualified, proactive and efficient professionals, guiding clients, principal contractors and other duty holders to meet their obligations under Construction (Design & Management) (CDM) Regulations.

The recent acquisition of DBK Partners Ltd has seen our team of principal designers increase in both size and geographic spread.

Our team operates in a varied range of sectors from building to heavy engineering projects. Including Education, Health, Distribution, Renewable Energy, Energy from Waste, Aviation, Highways, Ports, Retail, Housing, Manufacturing, Defence, Rail, Pharmaceutical, Local Authorities, Utilities and Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Our CDM-Consultants have design construction backgrounds and extensive experience in a range of project scenarios including newbuilds, refurbishments, single or mixed-use schemes, on both greenfield and brownfield sites.

Our 85% repeat business rate has been achieved by working closely with clients and consultants, promoting communication and using our robust safety management systems to ensure legislative compliance on planning and developing schemes.


A combination of skills, experience and abilities balancing the needs of all stakeholders

Detailed in-depth knowledge of construction and design

Simplistic, robust and adaptable systems to fulfilling all obligations

Construction project safety strategies

Competence checks and advice

A network of staff conveniently located at RPS’ offices around the UK and Ireland

An excellent track record

Client assistance.


Case Studies

Babcock House

Babcock House, Crawley


DBK is providing cost management and employer’s agent services to Westrock for the delivery of 185 PRS units. The scheme has been granted ‘Permitted Development’ with additional fa├žade treatment being considered together with new roof terrace, gym and other communal amenities.

DBK was on board from inception contributing to the design development approaching Tender and the commercial reviews and recommendations Post Tender.

Our team worked hard to achieve the programme set by the client in order to realise the Current Permitted Development May 2016 deadline; allowing for beneficial occupation which is required as part of all permitted development projects, within this remit. This has led to phased construction programme requirements with innovative logistic solutions being suggested by the contractors.

RPS acquired DBK Partners Ltd in April 2016.


Eastside Locks

Eastside Locks, Birmingham

Alumno Developments

Alumno Developments is investing £30 million to deliver a canalside scheme at Eastside Locks, which will be one of the first prominent buildings visitors see as they arrive at the proposed HS2 Curzon Street Station.

This Eastside Locks Scheme will comprise the construction of 659 student rooms together with all associated ancillary facilities, ground floor retail unit, business incubation units and external works. The accommodation is provided in two blocks of nine stories and a final tower block of 17 stories.

DBK is heavily involved in this project, acting as project managers, cost managers and principal designers from inception to completion on what promises to be a student housing scheme to compete with any other.

RPS acquired DBK Ltd in April 2016.




Our CDM consultant team has been involved in the development of educational facilities since the introduction of the CDM Regulations in 1995. We continue to work for a number of Universities and local authorities providing construction health and safety support. Our portfolio is extensive and includes projects from minor refurbishment and maintenance works (window and roof works) to the construction of multi-million pound, state of the art educational establishments.

The major projects include high schools, extensions to primary schools and multi-story university based teaching and research and development buildings. The buildings are often complex and require significant mechanical and electrical infrastructure to support the functions within. One current project involves the delivery of air at 900 deg k and 10bar to engine test beds.

We have also advised on the construction of significant sporting infrastructure from National Sports Academies to National standard sports pitches and athletics facilities. We understand the particular constraints imposed on working on occupied premises created generally by the presence of a large number of young people, whose education must continue through the construction programme. We provide construction health and safety support within these environments and are often instrumental in the development of arrangements to accommodate the most vulnerable of groups.



We have been providing Principal Design services to healthcare projects for over 15 years. The schemes have been delivered under a spectrum of agreements and framework arrangements including Procure 21, Procure 21+ and the West Midlands Procurement alliance. Acting as supply chain partners we have experience of the many different NHS Trusts that deliver healthcare throughout the country.

We have acted as CDM consultants in various official posts and provide the role of principal designer or CDM advisor either supporting, or independently of, RPS’ architectural and engineering teams.

The schemes range from common conversions and refurbishments, strategic maintenance and minor works through more complex regeneration and new build projects to the multi-million pound development of strategic emergency facilities. We appreciate the constraints which the Trusts often need to work under and the pressures that are applied to keep services operating whilst construction works need to take place. We work closely with Trust representatives to minimise disruption and patient impact and to maximise the positive experience through the works programme.

We are involved to such an extent with one NHS Trust that we provide an overarching role to monitor the coordination of health and safety arrangements between the various sites and the impact of the general construction on the surrounding departments.

A range of projects that RPS is involved in, include but is not limited to, the following:

Cafe refurbishment

Roof repairs

Childrens Hospital Works

Radiology Intervention

Renal Treatment

Pharmacy refurbishment

Mortuary Construction

Multi-storey Car Park construction

Teaching Facilities

Paediatric Dentistry

Strategic planning

Major Entrance Development

Major Building Services Projects

Emergency services assessment and blue light facility

Industrial Developments and Civil Engineering

Industrial Developments and Civil Engineering

Our team have been involved in providing construction health and safety advice on industrial construction projects for 20 years. Industrial projects cover major earthworks, distribution, energy, waste, and food production projects.

Specifically the distribution works have included the development of individual distribution centres up to 1million ft2, distribution facilities with rail connections, buildings up to 27m in height and the design development of centres with multiple floors for storage and distribution facilities up to 40m in height.

Our work on Civil Engineering projects has included involvement in the design and development of schemes that include road and rail connections and significant liaison with the local and national highway authorities. This includes the development of major public highway infrastructure projects from the construction of minor ghost islands to the duelling of major Trunk Roads. We also support works on, around and under bridges and other highway structures and the development and relocation of the associated water infrastructure.

RPS are currently providing the principal designer role on the development of a number of energy schemes that will convert unwanted materials in to energy and usable by-products. We often work with clients from outside of the UK, as principal contractor, to develop their understanding of CDM Regulations. The schemes not only include advice on the structure but also considerable liaison with the process designers to enable the equipment to be installed and maintained in a safe manner.

One significant project recently completed saw our team provide construction health and safety support to the design and build of a project to convert part of a coal burning power facility into a power plant that burns Biomass. The project was designed to accommodate the delivery of over 2,000tonnes of material per hour through a series of underground offloading, delivery and storage structures.

Leicestershire County Council

Leicestershire County Council

RPS’ CDM Consultants have worked closely with the Estates & Property Departments at Leicestershire County Council (LCC) since 2005 and now provide both principal designer and client advisor services.

The relationship is based upon the approachability, trust and flexibility that working closely with a small team brings. This includes regular and continued communication, with visits to the Client, often on a weekly basis. These meetings have included formal and informal feedback sessions as well as detailed ‘Lessons Learned’ exercises. These have all contributed in the development of a reliable construction supply chain that works efficiently in the safe delivery of projects completed to budget and programme.

The team have delivered health and safety advice and CDM-C services for a host of diverse projects, including:

Demolition works to redundant educational buildings including those housing pools within operational schools

Capital maintenance works comprising re-roofing, re-wiring, heating systems and new windows to public buildings

Internal refurbishments to the County Hall building to update it in line with current regulations

The development of 30+ schools across the county. Varying from complete, new, six classroom blocks to internal refurbishments. Valued from £100,000 to £8.5m.

Significant savings have been made across the schools building programme largely by delivering advice based upon years of experience and using well established procedures and communication methods.

The team are currently working on the new Ashmount Special Educational Needs development on the Charnwood College Campus, the 4th for LCC.

Monarch Airlines Hangar

Monarch Airlines Hangar


Our CDM consultants and designers have recently completed a new £10m aircraft maintenance hangar at Birmingham Airport.

The new, state-of-the-art MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) facility, fulfils the servicing requirements of the new, super-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Despite this massive 110,000ft², facility being developed specifically to accommodate two Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, flexibility is key and the cavernous, column free hangar space can house two Boeing 747-400, two Boeing 777 or many smaller aircraft.

The facility is supported by offices, for fleet management plus specialist workshop space for the inspection/repair of modern composite materials.

Our consultation solutions for safe delivery included moving the Airside/Landside boundary for the duration of the works, in agreement with the CAA, so that works undertaken would:

not be subject to Airside’s stricter security measures,

minimise the opportunity / threat of FOD

have fewer restrictions on the use of cranes

reduce the opportunity for negative impact on the airport’s daily operations.


The CDM-Cs also challenged erection methods and sequencing of the hangar’s construction, due to the spans required to provide a clear internal space, ensuring it would be constructed safely and that the temporary conditions experienced during erection were addressed.

We have extensive aviation project experience including:

Runway construction in live environments

Runway regeneration/refurbishment in live environments

Works involving aircraft positioning and guidance systems

Aerodrome Ground Lighting installations

Drainage facilities

Taxiway construction in live environments

Engine Running Bay Construction

Apron Extensions in Live Environments

Civils works around Fuel Installations

Works within, and extensions of, Terminals (including FBO’s)

Hangar Construction and Hangar Alterations



RPS offer specialist health and safety rail consultancy services and are involved in a number of strategic projects throughout the country. Our CDM consultants are mainly involved in the construction of “off line” train maintenance facilities and our team provide support and technical input into the development of these complex buildings. The schemes involve the construction of new, or the extension and refurbishment of, buildings and have accommodated either diesel or electric locomotives.

Our team are the principal designer on the construction of the rail maintenance facility to accommodate and maintain the trains for Crossrail, the major rail infrastructure project to link West and East London. The scheme, on the Old Oak Common site, has nine internal roads and 31 external stabling roads that link into the Network Rail infrastructure. There is a complex track layout and Overhead Line Electrical (OLE) power system throughout the site and in the maintenance building, all of which requires a considered approach to construction, maintenance and use. The scheme includes facilities to wash and clean, access and service all areas, jack up, remove and replace bogie wheel units and generally look after the Crossrail fleet of trains

We also have experience of providing the principal designer service on private projects that require connection into the Network Rail infrastructure. The project currently in design is the provision of a railhead that will supply the fuel, in this case house hold waste, for the energy from waste scheme in the South West. The scheme connects the turnout from the Network Rail line to the termination point within the Energy From Waste (EFW) facility. We are required to coordinate our activities with Network rail and the principal contractor constructing the EFW.

We are also on the refurbishment, reconstruction and reorganisation of a train maintenance depot in the south west. The scheme expands the current maintenance building by over 200% and develops the external road layout and building services infrastructure in support of that expansion. We are the principal designer, architects and engineers on the design.

Water Industry Works

Water Industry Works

For many years RPS has supported the water industry in all aspects of management, design and construction. RPS provides construction health and safety services over a variety of construction projects; working in a variety of environments from the Highlands of Scotland to busy urban centres. We work alongside designers and contractors to deliver strategic infrastructure improvements brought about by new infrastructure requirements or a desire to improve the existing infrastructure. These works are delivered whilst meeting and maintaining water supply, water quality and hygiene requirements. We have been challenged on many occasions to meet the exacting standards imposed by the water supply companies themselves and we understand the drivers that produce the anxieties.