Leicestershire County Council


Leicestershire County Council

RPS’ CDM Consultants have worked closely with the Estates & Property Departments at Leicestershire County Council (LCC) since 2005 and now provide both principal designer and client advisor services.

The relationship is based upon the approachability, trust and flexibility that working closely with a small team brings. This includes regular and continued communication, with visits to the Client, often on a weekly basis. These meetings have included formal and informal feedback sessions as well as detailed ‘Lessons Learned’ exercises. These have all contributed in the development of a reliable construction supply chain that works efficiently in the safe delivery of projects completed to budget and programme.

The team have delivered health and safety advice and CDM-C services for a host of diverse projects, including:

Demolition works to redundant educational buildings including those housing pools within operational schools

Capital maintenance works comprising re-roofing, re-wiring, heating systems and new windows to public buildings

Internal refurbishments to the County Hall building to update it in line with current regulations

The development of 30+ schools across the county. Varying from complete, new, six classroom blocks to internal refurbishments. Valued from £100,000 to £8.5m.

Significant savings have been made across the schools building programme largely by delivering advice based upon years of experience and using well established procedures and communication methods.

The team are currently working on the new Ashmount Special Educational Needs development on the Charnwood College Campus, the 4th for LCC.