We have been providing Principal Design services to healthcare projects for over 15 years. The schemes have been delivered under a spectrum of agreements and framework arrangements including Procure 21, Procure 21+ and the West Midlands Procurement alliance. Acting as supply chain partners we have experience of the many different NHS Trusts that deliver healthcare throughout the country.

We have acted as CDM consultants in various official posts and provide the role of principal designer or CDM advisor either supporting, or independently of, RPS’ architectural and engineering teams.

The schemes range from common conversions and refurbishments, strategic maintenance and minor works through more complex regeneration and new build projects to the multi-million pound development of strategic emergency facilities. We appreciate the constraints which the Trusts often need to work under and the pressures that are applied to keep services operating whilst construction works need to take place. We work closely with Trust representatives to minimise disruption and patient impact and to maximise the positive experience through the works programme.

We are involved to such an extent with one NHS Trust that we provide an overarching role to monitor the coordination of health and safety arrangements between the various sites and the impact of the general construction on the surrounding departments.

A range of projects that RPS is involved in, include but is not limited to, the following:

Cafe refurbishment

Roof repairs

Childrens Hospital Works

Radiology Intervention

Renal Treatment

Pharmacy refurbishment

Mortuary Construction

Multi-storey Car Park construction

Teaching Facilities

Paediatric Dentistry

Strategic planning

Major Entrance Development

Major Building Services Projects

Emergency services assessment and blue light facility