Industrial Developments and Civil Engineering


Industrial Developments and Civil Engineering

Our team have been involved in providing construction health and safety advice on industrial construction projects for 20 years. Industrial projects cover major earthworks, distribution, energy, waste, and food production projects.

Specifically the distribution works have included the development of individual distribution centres up to 1million ft2, distribution facilities with rail connections, buildings up to 27m in height and the design development of centres with multiple floors for storage and distribution facilities up to 40m in height.

Our work on Civil Engineering projects has included involvement in the design and development of schemes that include road and rail connections and significant liaison with the local and national highway authorities. This includes the development of major public highway infrastructure projects from the construction of minor ghost islands to the duelling of major Trunk Roads. We also support works on, around and under bridges and other highway structures and the development and relocation of the associated water infrastructure.

RPS are currently providing the principal designer role on the development of a number of energy schemes that will convert unwanted materials in to energy and usable by-products. We often work with clients from outside of the UK, as principal contractor, to develop their understanding of CDM Regulations. The schemes not only include advice on the structure but also considerable liaison with the process designers to enable the equipment to be installed and maintained in a safe manner.

One significant project recently completed saw our team provide construction health and safety support to the design and build of a project to convert part of a coal burning power facility into a power plant that burns Biomass. The project was designed to accommodate the delivery of over 2,000tonnes of material per hour through a series of underground offloading, delivery and storage structures.