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Carbon assessment and management

Climate change

RPS’ climate change consultancy, which advises on policy, management and planning issues, draws on the energy and environmental expertise of the entire RPS Group. We analyse clients’ carbon emissions – their carbon footprint – and provide practical advice for developing and implementing carbon management strategies. We also provide climate change risk, adaptation and resilience assessments, and tie this to sustainability strategies for clients at a corporate and development project scale.

Carbon footprinting and verification

Climate change is a material consideration for a wide range of developments. Demonstrable carbon reduction can be a key benefit to highlight in projects in the energy, waste and aviation sectors amongst others. This will be increasingly prominent once the revised EIA Directive is transposed into UK legislation.

RPS has an exceptional focus upon detailed and technically robust project-level greenhouse gas assessments, supported by our highly flexible bespoke modelling capability. This ensures that we provide strongly justified and defensible carbon footprints that cater to the specific circumstances of individual projects and have been proven to stand up to challenge at DCO hearings and public inquiry.

We also provide carbon footprint verification using the ISO14064-3 standard.

Corporate reporting

Reporting of corporate-level carbon emissions is mandatory for listed companies in the UK, and an important part of corporate social responsibility communications for companies all over the world. RPS works with clients both large and small to assist with data collection, carbon emissions calculation, communication and reporting of emissions, and setting strategies for carbon reduction. We have a strong understanding of how to get the most out of voluntary reporting schemes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, gained through assisting clients taking their first steps in voluntary reporting and through securing a top-ten position in the Carbon Leadership Index for clients with greater sustainability reporting experience.


RPS can provide advice on EU ETS monitoring and reporting plans, greenhouse gas permit applications, and interpretation of the legislation and guidance concerning allowance allocations.

Download our Greenhouse Gas Reporting Capability Sheet here

Download our Civil Aviation Capability Sheet here

Case Studies

Delivery of the Gas Pipeline Network to the West

Delivery of the Gas Pipeline Network to the West


Bord Gáis Eireann

RPS was appointed to provide Detailed Design, Planning, Construction and Commissioning Supervision for over 300km of 750mm (30"), 85bar gas transmission pipeline.

The Gas Pipeline to the West was successfully constructed on programme and within budget during the summer of 2002 - one of the wettest summers on record. It now connects Ballough AGI in North Co. Dublin, to Goatisland AGI in Co. Limerick and brought natural gas to towns in Counties Meath, Westmeath, Roscommon, Galway, Clare and Limerick - some of these for the first time. The pipeline crossed 25km of peatland, 272 roads, 14 railways, 158 rivers (including the River Shannon & estuary twice) and one canal. It traversed the property of 1300 landowners in seven countries. It completes a national gas transmission ring main comprising the Gas Pipeline to the West and the Cork to Dublin Pipeline and it will eventually carry gas from the Corrib Gas Field.

Jumeria Gardens

Jumeria Gardens


Meeras Development

RPS undertook a number of assessments in support of the Principal Environmental Assessment Terrestrial (PEAT) for the largest planned urban renewal project in the Middle East.

The Carbon Footprint required a number of bespoke approaches including the development of emissions factors from Dubai-specific fuel use in order to reach a robust assessment of the emissions categories from both the construction and operational phases.

Our Air Quality Assessment covered both the construction and operational impacts and one of the main achievements of the work was to use intelligent gridding to analyse results from multiple models taking data from numerous sources and accounting for changing regional operations and development areas.

A bespoke assessment of the landscape and visual amenity was undertaken, taking into account a number of landmark developments within the project and establishing an appropriate remit for the assessment when no regional specific guidelines exist.

LNG Importation Terminal Facility

LNG Importation Terminal Facility

South Hook

ExxonMobil and QatarGas

RPS have played a major role in the planning, construction and delivery of the South Hook LNG Terminal in Milford Haven, the largest in Europe.

RPS advised on the planning and licensing requirements of the project including Hazardous Substances Consents and the need for a Marine Licence from the then MCEU. RPS also conducted all the necessary Environmental Impact Assessments (both terrestrial and marine) and worked with the client in the public consultation stages of the project.

We continue to advise the South Hook Terminal Company on Planning and Environmental matters and have secured a number of planning permissions for the Company in recent years.

London City Airport

London City Airport, London

RPS has been advising London City Airport (LCY) on various planning, environmental and sustainability matters over a number of years.

We coordinated the EIA, Health Impact Assessment and Sustainability and Carbon Analysis supporting LCY’s planning application for a 50% uplift in aircraft movements and associated operational changes at the airport.

As part of the discharge of planning obligations under that permission, we prepared a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan for the airport. We were integral to the development of the strategy with and worked closely with LCY to explore options to reduce energy, waste and water consumption and to implement other sustainability initiatives.

RPS has also assisted LCY in calculating its carbon footprint as a precursor to joining the ACI Europe Carbon Accreditation Scheme. We commenced the sustainability appraisal and EIA to support a new planning application (currently pending) to construct 14 replacement aircraft stands, taxi-lanes and other infrastructure.

We are presently assisting LCY in the preparation of a new Master Plan setting out its development plans up to 2030.