Race Against Waste


Race Against Waste


Department of Environment, Community & Local Government

Race Against Waste was a three year national communications and awareness campaign on waste management in Ireland.

RPS devised and implemented the stakeholder engagement campaign, including the well-known brand 'Race Against Waste – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. The main objectives of the campaign were to turn awareness of waste management into action and deal with misconceptions around waste management.  Our role was to engage a variety of sectors on the issue of waste management and to help them to implement sustainable waste management strategies.

The team developed and delivered a number of programmes to successfully address the issue of waste management to targeted sectors throughout the country.

The greatest indication of the success of the campaign was the increased rates of recycling in Ireland over the duration of the project. This rose from 13% to an impressive 35%. Race Against Waste was widely recognised as a highly successful awareness campaign and won a number of awards.