Glevum Court


Glevum Court, Gloucester

Barratt Homes

RPS provided and coordinated technical support for the initial planning application and subsequent discharge of planning conditions for a residential development in Gloucestershire.

RPS undertook a range of services to support redevelopment of a former works site used for various activities including metal fabrication, assembly, turning, paint spraying, degreasing and material storage. In addition the road frontage has served as a petrol filling station. These activities have lead to the contamination of the site with a range of solvents including TCE and DCE. The services included:

Desk top Study and Preliminary Risk Assessment

Geo-environmental ground investigation

Specialist carbon dating and odorant gas analysis

Detailed human health, controlled waters and gas risk assessment

Remedial design and implementation

Remedial Validation.

Due to the identified contaminants, particularly the presence of a range of solvents, the regulators applied a high level of scrutiny to the assessments and subsequent remediation works undertaken at the site. The assessments were required to establish the risk to future site users and adjacent offsite human health receptors that had the potential to be impacted by inhalation of volatiles form contaminated groundwater that may have migrated from the site.

RPS provided a suite of assessments that underpinned the cost effective redevelopment of the site.