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Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessments

Building users expect good natural lighting in their buildings, especially in their homes. Natural daylight makes an interior look more attractive and interesting as well as providing light to work or read by, while sunlight access contributes towards making a building energy efficient. In addition, access to sunlight makes a building energy efficient. Therefore, optimal daylight and sunlight levels are fundamental for the wellbeing of building users and for achieving a balance between electrical lighting usage and thermal comfort.

In designing a new development, especially in urban environments, it is important to achieve good interior daylight and sunlight levels while also safeguarding the daylight and sunlight levels to nearby buildings. The importance of adequate daylight factor levels is also recognised within the Planning Policies and BREEAM.

RPS has the experience and expertise in providing specialist advice on daylight, sunlight and overshadowing issues for planning applications for developers, architects and surveyors across the United Kingdom. In recent years, it is becoming more common for local planning authorities to place greater importance on potential daylight, sunlight and overshadowing issues that may arise through new building proposals, which are becoming taller and located closer to the neighbours than ever before.

RPS undertakes technical assessments reviewing the daylight and sunlight impact of the proposed development on the neighbouring existing properties and amenity spaces, but also the daylight and sunlight quality levels within new proposals. The assessment methodology follows the recommendations set out on the recognised BRE Guide 'Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight – A Guide to Good Practice' (2011) and BS 8206 to provide concise reports for planning submission. In addition, RPS provides expert guidance on internal daylight quality for BREEAM assessments helping to achieve the client’s sustainability objectives.

Case Studies

Somerleyton Road


Somerleyton Road, Brixton

92 Residential Units, Nursery and Flexible Space

RPS was commissioned to carry out a Daylight / Sunlight & Overshadowing analysis for the proposed development located at Somerleyton Road in Brixton. The proposal consisted of the construction of a new high quality eight storey building, including 6 houses, 49 private and 37 affordable homes; flexible space and nursery.

To support the planning application, RPS was appointed to carry out detailed internal and external daylight analysis, primarily by assessing the daylight and sunlight impacts of the proposed development on the surrounding properties and amenity areas / gardens.

Moreover, RPS assessed the daylight & overshadowing levels of the proposed residential habitable rooms and amenity spaces. RPS guided the design team during the whole process and managed to deliver the assessment within a tight timeframe.

The analysis has shown that the proposed development will have no major impact on the daylight or sunlight levels to any of the surrounding properties located in close proximity and amenity spaces around the site and thus, it will be compliant with BRE requirements.

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Location:Block E, Somerleyton Road, Brixton, London

Milegate Limited

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Daylight / Sunlight and Overshadowing Assessment

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Air Quality Assessment

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Start: 2015   End: 2015

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