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Dust Monitoring

Dust consists of tiny solid particles carried by air currents. It is a problem for a wide range of manufacturing, domestic, and industrial activities. Construction, waste facilities, agriculture, and mining are among the industries that contribute to atmospheric dust levels.

The Environment Agency states that particles larger than 30 - 50 µm tend to be deposited quickly and as such are generally a nuisance. Settled particles may show up as a deposit on clean surfaces such as cars and window ledges. Deposited (nuisance) dust gives rise to the greatest number of complaints from residents in affected areas and without appropriate alleviation, residents can potentially be affected by dust up to 1km from the source (although concerns are most likely to be within 100 metres).

RPS has experience in undertaking nuisance dust projects. The work normally takes the form of an initial baseline survey and then surveying during and after a project has been completed in order to indicate whether activities result in an increase in the levels of nuisance dust.

Our areas of expertise include:

Air Dispersion Modelling

Nuisance Dust Assessments

Odour Management

IPPC Applications and Improvement Conditions