Isle of Grain


Isle of Grain


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RPS has undertaken extensive ecological work at the Isle of Grain, Kent.

The site covers approximately 600 ha and lies at the tip of the Hoo Peninsula, situated between the estuaries of the River Thames and the River Medway.  The site is a former BP oil refinery and is a mosaic of brownfield, grassland and former grazing marsh with 20 km of ditches plus additional areas of lagoons and swamp.  These wetland areas support habitats and species of conservation importance.

Over the last 10 years, RPS has undertaken numerous ecological surveys of the terrestrial and riparian habitats across the site including Water Voles, Great Crested Newt, Badger and bats.

We have written mitigation plans, license documents and Environmental Statements for the project. This has included undertaking species specific surveys and the preparation of ESs for two for two cryogenic pipelines (approximately 2.5 km in length) and for a 2 km access road for the BritNed project, a cross channel electricity sharing scheme.