Phase 1 Habitat and Protect Species Surveys


Phase 1

Habitat and Protected Species Surveys


RPS undertook a Phase 1 Habitat and protected species scoping survey to inform a BREEAM assessment and management plan for a state of the art youth centre in the heart of Luton.

The centre which includes a climbing wall, dance studio, IT suite and roof top garden will run activities such as media production, sports, art, music, street dance and cookery.

Initial surveys identified limited potential for nesting birds within ivy on the exterior wall or the existing habitat.  Site enhancements were chosen to provide additional habitat for Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Action Plan species that occurred within close proximity to the site. These included the provision of nest bricks for Black Redstart and House Sparrows as well as winter and summer bat boxes within the fa├žade of the building. Insect boxes will also be installed on the walls surround the brown roof.