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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – came into force in July 2014. The key points are:

It applies to all larger organisations, including companies with more than 250 employees and/or an annual turnover of at least €50m or its Sterling equivalent.

Organisations are required to quantify their energy consumption and take advice on energy efficiency improvements on a four year cycle commencing on 5th December 2015. It should be noted that energy to be considered includes not only building related energy but also energy related to transport and industrial processes.

The qualification date for the affected organisations commences a year in advance on 31st December 2014. By early spring 2015 companies need to appoint a Lead Energy Assessor to oversee and/or carry out the audit and submit it by 5th December 2015. This needs to be renewed every few years.

In England and Wales the scheme is managed by the Environment Agency.

The Lead Energy Assessor can only be a member of a relevant Professional Body (e.g. CIBSE or IEMA etc).

For further information download our ESOS information sheet here or request a call back from a qualified RPS consultant by contacting our Business Information Unit on T: +44-(01235) 438 151 or E: