Kemsley Paper Mill


Kemsley Paper Mill



RPS submitted a full planning application supported by an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to secure planning approval for a Sustainable Energy Plant (SEP).

Our multi-disciplinary team of planning consultants, environmental specialists and designers worked prepared and submited a planning application for the plant, to provide steam and electricity to Kemsley Paper Mill in Kent. The application was unanimously approved by Kent County Council.

The EIA element considered the likelihood of significant environmental effects occurring at the site itself as well as the surroundings, and with mitigation measures incorporated it is deemed that any effects are at acceptable levels. Our EIA demonstrated that the proposed SEP will result in beneficial environmental effects by:

Securing a sufficient and reliable energy source for a high intensive energy user

Significant Contribution to Renewable Energy Targets

Diversification from fossil to low carbon energy source.

Utilising waste that would otherwise be land filled managing waste through recovery in the waste hierarchy.

When fully operational the SEP will have net generation capability of 48.5 MWe. Low carbon and renewable energy generated by the SEP is categorised as Good Quality CHP.