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Environmental Permitting

Ensuring compliance for today and the future

Our Environmental Compliance experts work with clients to ensure they fulfil their EP/PPC obligations. Starting from the preparation of initial applications, RPS provides ongoing support to assist with continued environmental compliance.

We support clients with a variety of projects and processes, implementing and representing their position with the regulator where needed taking the pressure off internal resources and providing a reliable, professional service.

Our skills and experience includes:

Consultation and negotiation with regulators

Preparation and submission of new permit applications, variations, transfers and surrenders

Stack emissions and ambient air quality monitoring

Air dispersion modelling

Noise monitoring and assessments

Local background air quality monitoring

Development of site specific Environmental Management Systems

Support for ongoing permit compliance including achievement of improvement conditions

Staff training and mentoring so they understand responsibilities under the EP regime.

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Case Studies

Bluebridge Industrial Estate

Bluebridge Industrial Estate


RPS prepared an Environmental Permit application for an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Facility at the Bluebridge Industrial Estate, Halstead

The proposed facility was designed to process 45,000tpa of food waste and energy crop feedstocks producing solid soil conditioner and liquid fuel fertiliser. The facility also has planning for an associated combined heat and power facility for the generation of electricity and heat for export.

The application included:

Preparation of the Operating Techniques and Monitoring Plan which detailed how the facility would be operated once commissioned

A summary of the Environmental Management System (EMS)

An Odour Management Plan including a detailed description of potential odour sources and planned mitigation measures was produced

An Environmental Risk Assessment prepared in accordance with the Environment Agency (EA) H1 Guidance

RPS secured the Environmental Permit within the EA’s statutory determination period.

Oxwellmains Energy from Waste

Oxwellmains Energy from Waste, Dunbar

Viridor Waste Management

RPS secured successful planning and permitting outcomes for a new EfW facility in Dunbar, Scotland.

The EfW facility was designed to burn up to 300,000tpa of residual waste to produce electricity and with the capability to also provide heat.

RPS managed regulatory negotiations with SEPA and provided full permit application support. The PPC application demonstrated compliance with both WID and BAT requirements as well as the additional Scottish requirements set out within SEPA’s Thermal Treatment Guidelines.

The application included a drainage design incorporating sustainable drainage (SUDs) measures in accordance with SEPAs requirements.

To justify selected abatement for controlling emissions to air, detailed cost benefit assessments were completed to demonstrate that the selected techniques represented BAT.

Tate & Lyle Thames Refinery

Tate & Lyle Thames Refinery


RPS initially managed and secured a permit application for the largest cane sugar refinery in the EU and its onsite CHP plant.

RPS has continued to provide ongoing permit compliance services to the Thames Refinery over a period of eight years including:

Preparation of a significant permit variation application to install four biomass boilers, including air dispersion modelling, H1 assessment and associated BAT assessment

Intrusive ground investigation works

Post application noise input into the biomass design specification to ensure compliance with limits

Environmental Management System development advice

Preparation of Operational Management plans including Accident Management Plan and Operational Phase Site Condition Report.