Bluebridge Industrial Estate


Bluebridge Industrial Estate


RPS prepared an Environmental Permit application for an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Facility at the Bluebridge Industrial Estate, Halstead

The proposed facility was designed to process 45,000tpa of food waste and energy crop feedstocks producing solid soil conditioner and liquid fuel fertiliser. The facility also has planning for an associated combined heat and power facility for the generation of electricity and heat for export.

The application included:

Preparation of the Operating Techniques and Monitoring Plan which detailed how the facility would be operated once commissioned

A summary of the Environmental Management System (EMS)

An Odour Management Plan including a detailed description of potential odour sources and planned mitigation measures was produced

An Environmental Risk Assessment prepared in accordance with the Environment Agency (EA) H1 Guidance

RPS secured the Environmental Permit within the EA’s statutory determination period.